Are you ready to improve your grades? 

Excellent!  SeekoG is here to help. Use this app to:

Revise chapters quickly: Use free SeekoG mind maps to revise chapters in 15 minutes. Access SeekoG Knowledge Hub to revise your chapter (40,000+ terms and concepts, and mind maps) for free for an unlimited period. 

Identify gaps in your learning: Take tests in every chapter, identify which topics you are weak at with test results. 

Mastering those concepts with 1:1 personalized tuition: Book an online tuition session for those concepts. You can connect with your tutor 1:1 online at the selected time and get explanation for those concepts

Are you curious whether this model will really help you improve grades? 

Yes. This is a tried and tested successful model.

SeekoG replicates the successful gap analysis and 1:1 tutoring model which helped reduce dropout rates of students across the UK. 97% of the students who went through this model of identifying gaps in learning and receiving 1:1 tutoring, showed huge improvement in grades. More significantly, the dropout rates came down from 40% to 12%.

The team

The same team that successfully tested the RTM model across universities of UK is behind the SeekoG app.

Dr Kondal Reddy Kandadi has a successful record of accomplishment of over 15 years in Higher Education in the UK, and as the Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK until June 2021. Dr Kandadi was responsible for all Academic Faculties and the Off-Campus Division, including global strategic partnerships development. He was awarded an Honorary MBE in June 2021. 

  As Chief Executive of Ivolvis he is leading various initiatives like SeekoG, MGM Educational Group and so on.

Mr. Koteshwar R. Aakula; a Study Smart Coach, Mind Maps expert, and Tony Buzan certified Mind maps Trainer; has perfected the formula, where any child can learn and master academics, with structured research, and thorough interviews. This formula has empowered 1200+ students so far. With this approach he has been directing the SeekoG team towards the goal.

Mr. Sudheer R Surasani, one of the founding members of the SeekoG app. With over 20 years of international experience across various continents overseeing Business & Web Analytics, Online and Offline strategies, Mr. Surasani, oversees the SeekoG App and website conceptualization and development.